RObert Blackmore


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I have always been interested in using film to tell my ideas. Whether they are  political and about the world we live in or just for  plain fun, I always tell stories that matter to me.

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Since  I've become a teenager, I have been an anti-social being and part of that means that I like to go away in my little hole and enjoy games. Now that I am a little  older, I can put all those years of gaming into something useful - telling stories through the medium of gaming. And in the process, exploring some of the greatest wonders of the gaming world.

Throughout my life, I have been very lucky in playing some very exciting parts with English Cabaret. I have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, the Bridewell Theatre and in various locations around the UK. Through acting as with all my other passions I have the opportunity to tell stories and bring them to a wider audience.



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