All my young life, I have been involved with a family project. In the year I was born my dad, Tom Blackmore received a set of letters that had been hidden in a vault of a London solicitors for 50 years. They were written by my great -grandfather David Maxwell Fyfe  whilst he was a prosecutor at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials. First my dad made a play called Making History (in which I played a small role in Oxford, at the Old Fire Station) and then later, with my mum Sue Casson  who is a songwriter, he developed a songcycle for the theatre  - Dreams of Peace & Freedom. In this the inspiring words of Maxwell Fyfe  are woven with song settings of  poetry that inspired him. My role has been to speak these words, which to date has been the hardest part I have ever played, but because of my personal connection with the history, has also been the most enjoyable.

Robert Blackmore, whose delivery is confident and appropriately statesmanlike, capitalising on his natural Churchillian drawl,

A younger theatre  

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"read well by the young Robert Blackmore" Broadway Baby