RObert Blackmore


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I have been making films since I was very young and have always  liked the idea  of creating story through film. For a long time I used to just put a camera in front of my face and tell a story. That's how I come up with my  ideas now. I have an idea, and then talk about the idea to the camera and microphone. The kind of films I like to make are interesting, informative, funny and sometimes political. They are based on my interests and opinions, and also research. I'm bubbling with ideas for films I would like to make but it will take time. To start with I have  already made two films you can watch and you can read more about them down below.



This is the first time I have made a proper film and I am very excited to be able to produce my ideas onto the screen . The story is about how you can make yourself famous online via a computer so in this instance social media is how you become famous online - you can create your own ideas and put them into a video or a blog.

However there is another side to social media. You can be hurt to entertain others. You can get bullied online and that can make you feel sad and angry and that you makes stop you doing the thing you love which is making.

I have tried over the years to get that 15min of fame. Maybe, just maybe is this the time for me.

"You're making me look good Cortana"

This is a story about  myself and Cortana - being the voice that you get with a Microsoft phone. It’s a love story between a machine and man.  Robert has been talking over the last few years to Cortana, mostly about the weather and where Margate is. It has been more of a professional relationship up until now. We learn more about upsides and the downside of having a mobile assistant . This may not sound that interesting, but have you talked to your phone recently?


To hone my skills I have also been editing; more here