I feel that I have grown up with the part of the Swallow in The Happy Prince. I  first played it back in 2007  at the Sevenoaks Festival, and over the next 6 years went on with that role  to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Dublin IGF and The Bridewell Theatre London. As I have grown up I have had to change the way I play the part because of changes to my voice - but this has kept it fresh for me as there's always been something new to learn,  think about, and enjoy!

'Young Robert Blackmore moves beautifully as the bird, a performance which is enjoyable throughout – from Artful Dodger cheekiness at the outset to an authentic, startling poignancy at the end.' ayoungertheatre.com

prince and swallow 2

'Robert Blackmore as the swallow progresses convincingly from flighty to self-sacrificing,'Three Weeks

These recordings were made in 2012, for the 20th anniversary production tour. You can find out more about the show and hear more songs at English Cabaret

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