Whilst I was in was Albion Forlorn, my character, Albion,  represented youth's view of the modern world, looking at its' dark side. It got me thinking, in particular about the way  technology and the online world has become such a dominant force in the world, particularly for young people, and whether that's a good or bad thing. Over the next two years I began exploring this technical take-over by writing sketches. I performed the results in English Cabaret Hour, first looking at how computers can make us famous, and then seeing how smartphones are taking the place of talking to our friends.

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Songs are really important to the way English Cabaret tells its' stories. And music is a huge part of the online world. It can create stars (like Justin Bieber), vloggers can tell their stories through music (think of Emma Blackery) even game developers expect the tone to be set with music - it adds atmosphere and helps build up a scene in the gamers mind. The right kind of music reinforces what you're trying to get across - it helps people to relate to what you're saying.

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'... a young Patrick Moore interviewing yer snotty YouTube pompous

know-it-all played by himself' Herald